Wanted to send a picture of the doll faced Persian we purchased from your loving home 3 weeks
ago.  "Odie" has settled right in and we luv him so much.  We all can't wait to get home and play with
him in the evening.  Not many persians here in Southern Illinois so he even got spoiled when we got
him neutered and declawed at the vet.  He is just so perfect.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Take care
The little black and grey kitten that came to Minnesota is doing great! We named him Winston. He enjoys
sleeping in-between us at night and pouncing on our 17 year old Himalayan named Ace. We love him very much
as he is very entertaining. He enjoys belly rubs as he falls asleep at night... so cute!!! He is also a great little
rider in the car. He immediately falls asleep so we can take him just about anywhere!! hopefully he sits still
enough for the family Christmas picture. Will send it to you as soon as we take it!!!

Thanks again for our little joy. Hope his mother is doing well. :)
The Rosenow Family
Hi Terry,

Thank you so much for taking such great care of your babies. The little red is so wonderful, and we love her
already. She had her vet check on Saturday and received her feline leukemia vaccination. She did well
afterwards and got a clean bill of health:) She seems to be adjusting to our home fine...she is eating, drinking,
and using her litter box. We tried the corncob litter hoping it would create less dust in the house, but it was
even messier as it stuck to her paws and fur. So we switched to the Fresh Step as you suggested. Much
better. Tony gave her a bath to get rid of the corn litter fur. and she did well. Much better than our other
Persian when she was young. Last night was the best. She cuddled in her new bed and didn't make a peep
until we got up this am. We haven't put Lucy, our yorkie, and the little one together on the floor yet, but Lucy
circles her playyard and the baby chases and pounces. So cute and we hope that they become good friends.
At first we think Lucy thought that she was a new stuffed toy for her:)

We are having a tough time naming her as we want something really special and hope that she is a member of
our family for as long as Toonces was! We think the name we will call her the most often is "Pumpkin"
considering her color and getting her so close to Halloween. We all agree on that one:)

Thanks again!!!


Just wanted to let you know we LOVE our new addition! She is such a sweet girl, and so full of love!  We could not
have asked for a better kitten, and Katelyn fell in love with her immediately!  Thank you for allowing her to join our
PRECIOUSPERSIANS @YAHOO.COM                                                  
314 550 7840
I can't thank you enough for allowing us to have Ace. He has brought so much
joy and happiness to our lives. He is my little sidekick. Every morning he wakes
me up by puring and licking my forehead. I can't thank you enough for him. I
hope your family and all the furbabies are going great :-)
Kyle  from Tennessee
-Terry, just wanted to send you the latest picture of Lucy with her BFF, Squirt!  Those two have a very special friendship!  
snuggle until mattie is fast asleep!  Lucy is such a delight and such a perfect fit in our family. My husband said yesterday
he can't remember us not having her and what joy she has brought to our family!-

DaegeHappy Thanksgiving , Terry!  Thanks for finding such a good home where I am treated like the princess I am.  Love,
- Terry,
birthday collar.
Hope you and yours are fine!  Lucy is absolutely the most precious kitten and drop dead beautiful to boot.

Hugs, Wayne and Patti

She is such a
fun kitten. I am
enjoying her so
Brenda Jones